WuHan HuaSweet Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in researching, producing and selling healthy sugar substitutes and providing sweetness solutions globally. HuaSweet is the main drafter of the National Standards for Neotame, Advantame and Thaumatin.... In 2004, founded the first sweeteners solutions company in SZ
In 2005, cooperated with XM University for researching of neotame and DMBA
In 2006, became the leader of sweetener solutions company in China
★ Leader of Sweet solution in China
★ Professional neotame manufacturer in the world
★ Complete neotame industrial chain in the world
★ The main drafter of National Standards for Neotame
★ The main drafter of National Standards for Thaumatin
Neotame represents a new generation sweeteners with white crystalline powder. It...
Advantame is a new generation sweetener synthesized from amino acids. It is a de...
Glycyrrhiza series (G-Best)
Character: 1. Sweetness is approximately 200 times than sugar. 2.&nbs...
NHDC (neohesperidin dihydrochalcone) is roughly 1500-1800 times sweeter than sug...
Sweetener Solutions(Sweet Best)
Sweetener solutions leader   One-stop Sweetener solutions Provi...
Monk Fruit Extract
Product Name: Monk Fruit Extract   Introduction: Monk fruit i...
Name: Natural Zero-Calories Sweetener (Okalvia) Okalvia: Okalvia is a n...
The leader of government visit HuaSweet Company
    The present of HuaSweet Yan xiaoqun and CEO Xie xinchun on behalf of all employees were giving a warm welcome for th...
Congratulations---Huasweet Huanggang base started construction
Wuhan Huasweet, a state-level new "little giant" enterprises, hidden champion of subdivision area, individual champion of manufacturing industries, has completed the strategic upgrade and purchas...
FIC2022 was successfully held in Guangzhou
On August 18, the 25th China International Food Additives and Ingredients Exhibition and the 31st National Food Additives Production and Application Technology Exhibition (FIC) was successfully held i...
Congratulations--Wuhan HuaSweet was selected as the state-level techno
       According to the Notice of the Companies Passed the Review of Hubei Provincial Fourth Batch Technologically Advanced Little Giant Enterprises and First Batch Technologically...

  • Provincial-level Healthy Sugar Substitute Products Enterprise-School Joint Innovation Center
  • Executive?Director?Member?of?China?Food?Additives?and?Ingredients?Association?
  • Executive?Director?Member?of?China?Food?Additives?and?Ingredients?Association?
  • Hidden champion in pillar industry segment
  • New High-tech Enterprise
  • Honors
  • Honors
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