Daniel C - If I Could

If I could sing a song about you
It'll be about the way you make my heart sink
If I could tell the world about you
It'll be the sweetest lame thing you've ever seen
And if I ever did those things for you
Baby would you always be mine
Would you..

Promise me you'll always stay the same
Take this heart and never leave again
Will you be there
Baby don't ever swear
If you're gonna tear this heart apart
Leaving only with this broken heart
Will you be true
Babe I need to hear it from you

I saw you walking past the other day,
I don't think you'll ever know my name,
But from the moment i saw you girl,
I know my life will never ever be the same,
And just as I came up to you to say,
You turned around and said hello to me,
Would you...


You know that I'm delusional
But all the things that I have said are true
If I could just make myself visible
Baby would you be mine?
Would you be mine?

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