Paperplane Pursuit - Feel Good

(Verse 1)
Stop chasing,
Every feeling,
You're just feeling,
Nobody sees you.
Heart racing,
What are the saying,
Worries betraying,
Everything that you do.

(Pre chorus)
Maybe you've been searching for,
Something you didn't see before
Everybody knows but you

I wanna show you (Show you)
Everything you do,
Nobody can do (Can do)
Don't you know it's true,
It makes me feel good (Feel good)
Just to know its you,
That I can turn to, (Turn to)
Everybody knows but you.

(Verse 2)
Stop wasting,
Your heart appeasing,
Trying to be pleasing
Everybody but you.

I wish that you knew
The way I see you,
Do you feel it?

(Pre chorus)


(Pre chorus)

(Chorus (x2))
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