Ben Andrew Pfeiffer - The Better Half (OST The Journey)

I’ll thank you 天公
All life long
For giving me the best girl that a guy could ever have
My heart it beats PING-LING-PUNG-LUNG
And i know my search is done
We can live our lives as one and shortly three

I found a girl
She’s my world 有福氣 it’s all Okay
For her eyes tell me true 我爱你

Now 全叔
You’ve got my heart hooked
We had a rough start with our 烧炮仗

You went from 老的 to 靓仔
And you’ve made this love stuck guy
See the world through different eyes so thank you 爸

I’m able to sit at the table
And use chopsticks for almost every meal
And when your kindness starts to show
I’ll still be sure to praise you so
Cos life may Pun-cit any mo don’t wait till then

As we 返回 with our boy
We will go with tears of joy
And impart to him the lessons that we’ve learned

A 保佑 yes life is a 保佑
So make each day a joyful memory
Don’t let 后悔 rule the day
Just look to the sky and pray
If in doubt then you should chat to 大肥鬼
God’s employee

(repeat *)

I thank you my old men street crew
We’re family now and that can never change
So thank you one and thank you all
You know I’ve had a bloody ball
Mum and dad to have you here has been a treat
My life’s complete

(repeat *)
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