The Internet feat Yuna - Sunset

Life's a mess
Mind's in disarray
So are my clothes
As I undress
And pick an outfit for this sunny day
'Cause it's okay
I attempt
Not to let my optimism slip away
'Cause it's okay

'Cause long as the sun is rising
We can get up and brighten
Somebody's day
I'm shinin' bright as the rays
Inside my soul

Maybe you feel it
Maybe you don't
Maybe you love it
Maybe you won't
Maybe the sunshine isn't enough
To heal your pain
So maybe you play
Or maybe you fold
Baby you stay
Baby go
Maybe you touch me
I'll be afloat
Or maybe we'll stop somewhere down the road
Put on some headphones sit at my home
Watchin' the sun set
Shed its good light on me

I obsess
Over things that shouldn't matter
But they do
And it effects me
In the words, a simple way
But it's okay
We forget
What a big part all the little things can play
And that's okay

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