SleeQ, Tiz Zaqyah & Zain Saidin - Together (OST Oh My English)

Here we go it's a brand new day
For us to seize
No delay
Life is
What we make of it
Step by step
From good to great
A few challenges
A few problems
No worries
I know I'll solve 'em
I'll stick around
Till the very end
With a little bit of help
From my friends

It will always get better
When we're in it together
Always here for each other
Friends forever
Through the good and the bad times
Don't you worry, we'll be just fine
Doesn't matter what you do
I'll be there for you

Let's go

When the situation gets you down
Look for ways to turn it around
We're gonna make smiles
Out of frowns
It's not as farfetched
As it sounds

If you don't try
You will never know
Put it to the test
Just give it a go
Make sure you stick
Make it to the end
With a little help
From my friends
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4 Komen

the best lhhhhaaaa TOGETHER! #bestsongever lg best lhaaa ;) *i'm always directioner....


hahahaha lwk je lahh mesti lha TOGETHER lg best dri one d ;) wt lex wt peace #ohmyenglish is the best!!!! always


Lagu nih best siaa.... tapi sayang tak byk view kat youtube...maybe ramai yg tak tahu lagi pasal lagu nih kot... no wonder lah kan


the song was nice. can sing along!