Kyoto Protocol - KL I Love You

Contract says 9 to 5,
Reality: it's 9 to 9

Do what I do, just to survive
Rip my tunes and don't pay a dime

Other people don't come to mind
Cause everybody's short of time

Dignity is short in supply
Motherfuckers cutting all of the lines

KL, I love you
but you're breaking me down

Sales and discounts galore
But on our interest we're paying more

You'd rather buy a flashy car
but stay really REALLY far
(cheap but showy)

A lot of zeros rolling in your bank
no correlation to common sense!

In this town all you need is friends
Easy come with your inheritance!

KL, I love
but you're breaking me down

Now I ain't saying that I never caught a break
But I'm proud to say that I'm not on the take
I fucking stand up on my own two feet
I don't need crutches to walk down the street
At least my nose ain't brown, I don't kowtow
Fuck it, I'm endangered and I stand proud
KL, I love you but you're breaking me down.
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