Paperplane Pursuit - Ah Song

You got me I'm reaching for ya
And you got me with you
Breaking free I'm leaping forward
I'm breaking free with you

I woke up screaming that I
I gotta break away
No more just taking up space
Still not done dreaming and I
Won't let them fade away
Won't be a rat in this race

(We) we will make it
(We) we will take it till we can take no more
(We will) we will make it
(They) they can't break it
And we can take it higher, higher
Take it higher, higher

Off the edge of ordinary
And there's no turning back

So many faces that I
I gotta peel away
The mirror's harder to see
No trading places cos I
I gotta find a way
To keep this bigger than me

(repeat chorus)

Take it higher
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