Furniture - One For The Rest Of Us

Skimming the fault lines
Living to kill time

Caught in a tailspin
Suffer the mess we're in

Storm in a teacup
Suddenly who we are
Feels so unreal

Wake up to a brand new world

It's like an itch you just can't scratch
Memories of lives you never had
The thought that there might be something more
And when you find the going hard
Consider the line to fill your part
Starting at your door

Bring on the paper chase
(Skimming the fault lines)
Don't let the paper waste
(Living to kill time)

You'll never get enough
(Caught in a tailspin)
Some day it'll break your heart
(Suffer the mess we're in)
Time to go

But in the meanwhile
(Storm in a teacup)
Living in this denial
(Suddenly who we are)
Feels so serene

But impermanence always wins
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