Gila Monstarz - Rider'z

This song goes out to all my Rider'z tonite,
We gon ride tonite x2 (say what)

Ri de di de di dum dum di di..

Yo its Roshan Jamrock a.k.a Mr.Roca,
Puttin it down for all my people and my rider'z,
It dont matter where youre from a.k.a dari mana?
you get my state of mind,
man we sama kepala,

They ask, bro dari mana bang?
Gua datang coming dari Kajang,
Swag is cekap,Ladies Mantap,Fellaz out here,
memang Gempak. (gempak)

Now let me flip it in English,
Better yet let me speak in my Mama;s language,
Kungostumo, Kayaninmu, Parreko kaya natinto,

Keep it Gully, No henny no hal,
Gimme Kavarachi,
Homie dont judge me if you dont know me,
Crazy knuclkes on the phone,
So Chai Pin Ko?
Malaysia Stand up,We party hardcore...


Mr.Four Three Triple Zero in the building,
All my riderz throw your hands up its time for ballin,
We go hard on the street, crunk on the radio,
u can hear the beat shakin ya speakers from your stereo,

Im a Ktown Boy, with a really big heart,
if youre looking for trouble man plz dont start,
They think they a G,
all they doing is,

Love crunk rap in english homie,
But that doesnt mean i forget my taimuzhi,
Mutamilin saranam, Vaigaipuyal maranam,
mathuvil suvai tarum marayantha tamilyenam,

Im a black china man yes i speak chinese,
if you dont believe me, plz try me,
Me and my brothers makin money,
wo meng zhe pengyau,
wo mhen mei yo lan si.

Chorus (put em up x2 in the air x2)

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'They ask,bro dari mana bah'(Sabahan style). same goes wit da 'TIDAK BAH'.