Ice feat Point Blanc & Dasha Logan - Penang Kia

[Intro – Dasha Logan]
Hey… Yeah yeah yeah… yeay
Aye… yeah yeah yeay

[Chorus – Dasha Logan]
Penang is the place where everybody feels alright
In the clubs and the beaches we be balling all nite
This is where we are from and we’re proud it
Aint nobody gonna tell us otherwise
So let me hear y’all holler we Penang Kia

I’m so proud that Penang’s my birthplace
Hot girls and the food has the greatest taste
I’ll take you there like Point took me to Ipoh
Who can deny it’s the place to go
Y’all gotta make a trip to Batu Ferringhi
Check out them hot girls in bikinis
At night we be racing or chillin’ at Gurney
Everything here always makes sense like money
I wanna be remember like P.Ramlee
Like Alley Cats I’ll penetrate hearts of many
Let me tell you lil’ bit bout my swag
New Era Fitted, my pants gotta sag
Ralph Lauren top, White Air 1s
Let ‘em know Ice has just begun
I’m serenading on this Point Blanc’s beat
Gimme love if you see me on the streets


[Point Blanc]
Penang Kia are the crayziest
I relate cuz I got the flow that be crayziest
Point Blanc be the the illest
Me and the Mrs, we sippin’ cendol by the beaches
It’s Ipoh Mali kid understands what it takes to be somebody
When you’re nobody on your hustle in another city
Just keep it real make the money
and you got nothing to worry bout, No doubt
Penangites let me hear u scream and shout,sing it loud
Wa si Penang kia, wa bowh kia koay lai chut lai piah
that mean when I’m on the grind I aint got no fear
p to the b feels at home here,Ipoh to the bridge 2 hours near
It’s the classic up north connection, all my haters, stand clear


I know sometimes life can be hard
When your family’s far apart
No matter where you at
You will be back
To your birth place 1 day
All y’all on your grind
Money makin’ on your mind
Turn your dreams to reality
C’mon now
So don’t stress and let it be

Once upon a time on the island
Ice kept it real and never remain silent
05 was the year my demo rejected
I still rap even though my heart devastated
I was lost and started feeling hopeless
Stuck at the crossroads cuz I lost focus
My life is so filled with adversities
I aint never worried bout my enemies, no doubt
It’s mind over matter all the time
Raised without a silver spoon motivates my grind
Step up my game cuz I wanna do it major
My comrades next to me like my Head Porter
Tattoe’d on my back Fear Not Death
Like Bruce Lee I’d fight to my last breath
Wa ooh hor targh, kaah kaah chut lai piah
Sei sei haan, waa kaah kaah chut lai kiah

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